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Dramatic Ignorance

Exhibition at the L Gallery in Azusa, California

The human desire for familiarity and meaning in relationships and in nature is universal. However, in this search for familiarity, one inevitably encounters the sublime edge of knowledge. This is an encounter with the vast unknown, which brings about the realization of one’s ignorance of the infinite. This edge is the place at which the world and the minds of those around us become ephemeral and out of reach. This work highlights the paradoxical way in which the world around us can be both intimate and impersonal.


Through words and images, this presentation studies the point at which our desire to understand the world and the people around us must give way to an appreciation of the unknown. The work shown here incorporates drawings (including 100 unique chair illustrations) that consider the marvel of mundane forms, images that appreciate everyday scenes, and words that add meaning and obscurity to the visual experience.

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